Performer’s Headshots

A performers headshot is always their first and best method of being noticed by casting directors and agents.

Every actor is unique and we want to capture that uniqueness.  Our style and philosophy is to present you in a clean, fresh and personal way, so that you’ll stand out to a casting agent.  

We won’t rush you through the day and we will spend as long as it takes with you to capture the image that we both feel shows you to your best potential.

As we prefer to work on location for your shot and you can’t always guarantee that Mother Nature will provide the best lighting, we will use a combination of natural light and artificial light to ensure that we can shoot when YOU want, rather than waiting for the elusive sunny days.  

During the winter months (or in the event of rain), we do offer a studio based service in Greenwich at a slightly higher fee to cover venue costs, so we are a true 365 days a year service!

How often do I need a new Headshot?

Headshots should be renewed every 3 years at a minimum, and sooner if you have changed your appearance. Changes such as hair colour and style, facial hair and weight loss need to be reflected in your photo, so if you change up your look you’ll need to consider refreshing your primary headshot.

How much will it cost me?

Rather than restrict you to a fixed price, we have a range of packages to suit all budgets – from performers just starting out and needing a full suite of images to those who just need to update their look with a basic shoot.

We work primarily on location, to give you a wider choice of backgrounds and develop a more cinematic look for your headshot.  As mentioned above, we do offer a studio based option in Charlton for the winter months at a slightly higher price to cover venue costs.

To view our package prices, click here or on the price list link above.

What do casting directors want to see?

The industry is looking for an accurate but eye catching image of you – a photo that reflects your true character and allows them to ‘place that face’ in the role they’re looking to fill. You need to be able to have your face stand out from the crowd.

The common mistake most actors make is thinking that they need a gauzy, soft focus beauty shot with every flaw and blemish covered. Remember -you’re selling yourself as an actor, not a fashion model.  Removing a rogue spot is one thing – removing a mole, scar or wrinkles is quite another. The last thing you want when you walk into an audition or casting call is for the casting director to feel that they have been misled.

What should I do to prepare?

We want to take the best photo of you we can, but there’s a few things we would ask of you to make it easier:

Before you arrive
  1. Sleep, sleep and sleep! Try to get a full 8 hours sleep before the shoot.  Nothing is more distracting than dark shadows under the eyes or bags where you don’t normally have them.
  2. Hydration.  Get as much water into your system as you can.  It makes a massive difference to the condition of your skin and will help you through what can be a long session.
  3. Grooming (Men).
    • If you’re coming clean-shaven, make sure you moisturise after you shave.  Red blotchy skin and angry rashes will not look good!
    • Pay attention to any nasal and ear hair – the camera WILL pick these up.
  4. Makeup (Women).
    • Light and natural. You’re going for the most ‘non-makeup’ look you can achieve.
    • Gel or Cream foundations.  Powder will dull your face and make it look bland and flat.
    • Eye shadow.  We don’t recommend this at all, but if you need to we recommend nude colours.
    • NO Eye liner! And the lightest mascara you can.
    • Keep lip colours and blushers nude.
  5. Clothing.
    • Keep your clothing unpatterned and preferably black, white or grey, although light pastels can work .  V-necks, strappy tops or open shirts are a godsend and look fantastic on everyone!
  6. Jewellery.
    • We recommend that you ditch the bling.  Necklaces and earrings can be a distraction.  Our only exception would be a piercing that cannot be removed and you would be wearing every day.

What will happen on the day?

Before we start shooting, we will sit down and discuss just how your shoot will go for the day and run through how we will position you and get you to pose.

Once we’ve spoken we’ll get you up in front of the camera for some lighting tests and to see which positions suit you best.  Everyone really does have a good side and we’ll work with you to make sure you’re presenting yourself in the best way.  We’ll show you how the shots are progressing and start the shoot proper.

As humans, we only use three parts of our face to express our emotions:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Mouth

If you feel you are struggling with posing, we can suggest expressions for you to try to give you a range of looks.  A few millimetres change in the lift of a mouth or drop of an eyebrow can completely change the mood of a photo and gives you a broader choice of headshot.

Extended shoots can be tiring, so we will break the day up for you.